Monday, October 1, 2012

The Four Tech Links of the Day for 09/29/2012

Google releases Field Trip app for Android
Google has released an android app, Field Trip. Field Trip is a location based app that sends you notifications whenever you're near items of interest. I have to give Google credit, with apps like this, Google Goggles, and Gesture Search, they have put out some of the most innovative apps on smartphones.

Zeebox launches in the US
UK based Zeebox is one of the most successful second screen apps and now it's available in the US. Zeebox is a mix of a social app and TV guide, showing you what your friends are watching. It's touted as the future of the program guide.

Rumor of the Day: $99 Nexus 7
With the release of the new Amazon tablets and the rumored iPad mini, the rumor mill has Google raising the playing field with a new HD nexus at $199 and the original nexus 7 at $99. I don't know if it's true, but I want it to be.

NFC business cards is looking to bring business cards to the 21st century by adding NFC. With these cards, your NFC reader on your phone can import the information using it's built in NFC hardware, unless of course you have an iPhone 5.

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