Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Four Tech Links of the Day for 10/09/2012

Google brings movies to GoogleTV
Google updated Google Play for GoogleTV to support buying and renting movies. This closes one of the big holes for GoogleTV. Content plus $99 devices could be the kickstart GoogleTV needs.

Boxee rumored to release a cord cutters dream box
The Verge got their hands on a beta Boxee TV box that could be the ultimate cord cutters box. It supports over-the-air HD channels, DVR functionality and the laundry list of web video services like Netflix, YouTube and Vudu.

California passes bill to support open source college text books
California governor Jerry Brown signed two bills that will fund the creation of college level textbooks that will be under the Creative Common Attribution License. This will allow anyone to print or modify the textbooks for use in class. When will someone do this for elementary and high school textbooks?

Stewart/O'Reilly debate breaks on-line streaming
The only thing that will kill on-line video is it's own success coming too soon. For example, Rumble 2012 was a debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly at George Washington University. You could watch it on-line for $4.95, unless the servers crashed and you didn't get to see it. That's what happened to many of the viewers.

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