Friday, October 12, 2012

The Four Tech Links of the Day for 10/11/2012

Dish backs off from making Blockbuster a Netflix competitor
Dish CEO Charlie Ergen announced that he is backing off from positioning Blockbuster as a Netflix competitor. Interestingly, it was because Dish hasn't been approved to use it's satellite spectrum for terrestrial usage which undermines a part of Dish's business model for selling hardware for streaming video.

Spotify loses $61 million
Internet golden boy Spotify is gaining users and doubling sales, but it's bleeding cash. It lost $61 million on sales of $244 million.

Second screen examples
If you're curious about what second screen apps are, this article give several great examples. My favorite is feeding Cookie Monster cookies and he counts them.

Connected devices to out number people 6 to 1 by 2020
The International Telecommunications Union's latest “State of Broadband” report states by 2020 connected devices will out number people 6 to 1. In my house, they out-number us 6 to 1 already.

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